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It is a one-year diploma program that focuses on educating students about the fundamental ideas behind computer technology. For those wondering what DCA stands for, it is an acronym for Diploma in Computer Application course. students must ensure they fulfill the fundamental eligibility requirements in order r to be admitted to DCA. The primary requirement for admission to the Diploma in Computer Application program is completing the 10+2 exams with English as the primary language of instruction. Students entering the DCA program with computer science as a subject in 10+2 would have an edge. The eligible age range for DCA is 18 to 22 years. Some colleges include an entrance exam in their list of requirements for admission. Graduates of the DCA program may find employment in a variety of fields, such as BPOs, computer operations, C++, software development, web design, and the air force. The DCA diploma course covers a variety of topics, such as Java development, network basics, office automation, computer basics, app development, Windows operating system, etc Several of the most well-liked DCA study topics are given here.

Basics of the internet , Computing Foundations , the basics of programming ,Multimedia , Corel Draw Tally, ERP Multimedia, Corel Draw ,C Programming ,Photoshop