Tally & GST

What Is Tally?

Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards or Tally is a popular software developed by the Goenkas in 1986. Used by a large number of small and medium-scale industries, its primary objective is to conduct accounting activities in a very detailed and systematic manner. To get accustomed to various facets of the software, its working, and understand basic concepts like bookkeeping, profit and loss analysis, stock maintenance, etc, the Tally course is what you should pursue. Tally ERP 9 is the latest version.

What Is Tally Course?

A Tally course is generally a 1-3 month long program where you will get to understand the software in-depth and learn concepts related to inventory management, GST and TDS calculation, modifying company details, etc. Further, various multinational companies use this software as it is easy to use and helps in keeping an error-free and glitch-free record of a business’s accounts. It’s an excellent option for those who want to pursue a career in Accounting. It is important to note that if you are planning to get a diploma certificate, then the course might extend to more than 2 years.


Building is a common day-to-day phenomenon as well as an essential part of accountancy. Whenever you pass an accounting entry, simultaneously a bill is made which has multiple further uses.


Banks have now become an essential part of our businesses. In this era, it is close to impossible to run a business without the involvement of banks and its policies. With the help of concepts like TDS, GST, Tally ERP; candidates will learn.


For a business to become flourishing, it is important to be in cooperation with Central as well as State Government. To get a better hold over this, Tally course will familiarise you with insights on VAT, Excise, Income, Customs, etc.

Some of the important modules or topics that part of the Tally course: