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Writing or entering text by depressing keys on a typewriter, computer keyboard, cell phone, or calculator is known as typing. Other methods of text input, such handwriting and speech recognition, can be distinguished from it. Letters, numerals, and other symbols can all be used to create text. Typing with two fingers, sometimes known as “hunt and peck,” involves pressing each key one at a time. The typist must locate each key by sight rather than relying on the memorised positions of the keys. WPM is a metric that measures a person’s keyboard skill by counting how many words they can type accurately in one minute. For instance, as part of the employment process, many businesses that often use computers demand that new hires undergo a typing test that is assessed in words per minute (WPM). The world’s average typing speed is around 40 WPM. Even today, entering data into a computer, such as the text you are reading right now, is primarily done through typing. Being able to type quickly increases productivity, makes using the computer more fun, and reduces neck strain from staring down at your fingers.