Web Designing


Introduction to HTML, HTML Basic Tag, HTML Image, Hyperlink, HTML List, HTML Table, HTML Div, HTML Frame, HTML Forms, HTML Font, Marquee Tag,


Introduction to CSS, CSS Background, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Border, CSS Float, CSS Links, CSS Text, CSS Outline,

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Dreamweaver Interface Basics, Type of Views, Defining a Dreamweaver Site, Benefits of Using Dreamweaver Site, Creating a Site for Static Project, Creating a Site for PHP Project, Standard Tool Bar,


Introduction to HTML5, What’s new in HTML5, HTML5 APIs, HTML5 Features, HTML5 Doc Type, New Structure Tags, Section, Nav, Article, Aside, Header, Hgroup, Footer, New Media Tags, Audio and Video tags, New Form Tags,


Form Validations, JavaScript Events, Slider Effects, JavaScript Transition Effects,

(CSS 3)

Introduction to CSS 3, Basic CSS3 Selectors, Advanced CSS3 Selectors, New CSS3 Properties, CSS Rounded Corners, Box Shadow, Text Shadow Property, Text Stroke Property, Multiple Backgrounds, CSS Clip, CSS Gradients, Column Rules, Opacity, Transitions, Transform,


Image Editing / Reflection/ Image Shadows,, Designing Menu, Button, Header, Footer, Images and Content Sections, Designing a Web Site Home Page, Designing Inner page, Product, Login and, Registration Pages,

Adobe Illustrator

Getting to Know the Adobe Illustrator, Workspace, Using tools and panels, Using the shape tools, Re-positioning and visually re-sizing the shapes, Putting the Transform panel to work, Adding Color, Adding effects, Using Live Paint, Adding a symbol, Using the Color panel,

Corel Draw

CorelDraw Basics Drawing and Designing Creating Brochures Editing Photographs