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Stenography is a form of shorthand writing that uses symbols to represent words. When writing in shorthand, stenography substitutes symbols for words. Stenography is a type of rapid writing where words or sentences are represented by symbols or abbreviations. It allows you to write swiftly without having to write every word out completely. Whole words, sounds, or syllables can all be represented by stenographic symbols. They can be written in a nonlinear manner, like a code, or in a linear manner, like conventional text. Stenography can be typed manually or automatically.

Stenography can be divided into three basic categories: Pitman, Speed Writing, and Shorthand. The quickest of the three is shorthand, which is frequently used by court reporters. It is a way of writing swiftly that involves shortening words and representing sounds with symbols. Although speedwriting takes a little longer, it is still far quicker than handwriting. It is a quick writing technique that makes use of symbols and abbreviations. Pitman is the most accurate of the three but is also the slowest. It is a way of writing that employs an alphabet based on sounds.